VIP Lounges

Services available in our lounges

*The services included in the lounges may vary, depending on the one chosen. To obtain more specific information, please view the details of each lounge.

  • Catering


    Hot and cold meals from 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm

  • Wifi


    Free access

  • Prensa

    Newspapers and magazines

    National and international

  • TV


    In leisure area

  • Recepcion

    Reception service

    Personalised attention

  • Duchas


    For all lounge guests

  • InfoVuelos

    Flight information

    And public address system calls

  • Kosher

    Kosher and Halal food

    Products for everyone

  • SinGluten

    Gluten-free products

    Suitable for coeliacs

  • Diabeticos

    Food for diabetics

    Special diets

  • Reuniones

    Meeting Rooms

    Meeting Rooms

  • Infantil

    Children's area

    Playing room

  • Descanso

    Rest area

    Rest area

  • Consigna

    Luggage storage

    Luggage storage

  • Ordenadores


    PC with Internet access

  • Pmr

    Access for PRM

    PRM access and toilets

  • Animales

    Animals permitted

    Animals permitted

  • Silent

    Silent Room

    Silent Room

  • Lactancia

    Breastfeeding room

    Breastfeeding room

  • Rezo

    Prayer area

    Prayer area

  • Terraza



Available at the following airports


*Some of the lounges may not be available. Check their availability by viewing the details of each airport.

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