Conditions of purchase and access to VIP Lounges

I. General terms and conditions for the purchase of accesses and rules for the use of Aena's VIP Lounges

A. General terms and conditions for the purchase of accesses to Aena's VIP Lounges

1. Purpose

This document contains the general terms and conditions for the purchase of accesses to the VIP Lounges managed by Aena at the airports listed in table 1.

The purchase of each of the accesses entails full acceptance of these general terms and conditions and users are not able to claim prices other than those determined by the official unitary rate.

2. Purchases

Users may access the VIP Lounges managed by Aena at the airports (see table 1) upon payment via its website or mobile app or directly at the welcome desk.

For online purchases they must provide the key details (name, surname(s), email address and phone number) requested by the system, without which it will not be possible to proceed with the purchase process.

The valid price to be applied to each access is the official one approved by Aena for each airport and each year. These prices can be viewed on the Aena website:

In the case of access by minors under 11 years of age, Aena may ask the passenger for an official document certifying the age of the minor. The access prices are set on a per-person basis.

When you make the purchase, the system will provide an identification number (ID code) that must be displayed to the staff at the desk in the lounge whenever you wish to use the accesses acquired with the purchase. Possession of this number confirms and guarantees the purchase, which may not be modified. The system will also send you an email with a confirmation of your purchase. You will be able to make use of the accesses you acquire following the moment of the purchase; their period of validity is six (6) months following the date of their purchase.

Use of an access chargeable to a sales code is not nominative, so please be careful when you manage them. Similarly, it is strictly forbidden to resell them, as a result of which Aena cannot be held liable for any potential fraudulent use of the codes.

The customer will have a maximum of 14 natural days to cancel the purchase, provided that the service has not been used. We will proceed with the refund by using the same payment method that you use for the initial transaction.

To exercise your right to withdraw from the purchase by means of an unequivocal declaration (e.g. a letter sent by post, fax or email), you can use the model withdrawal form (1) that appears below, although its use is not compulsory. In order to meet the withdrawal deadline, it is sufficient for the correspondence concerning your exercise of this right is sent before the expiry of the corresponding withdrawal period.

(1) Model withdrawal form

(You should only fill in and send this form if you wish to withdraw from the purchase)

  1. For the attention of
  2. I/we hereby inform you that I/we withdraw from the purchase of the VIP lounge access and the goods/provision of the following service:
  3. Booking locator
  4. Consumer's name
  5. Address of the consumer and user or the consumers and users
  6. Signature of the consumer and user or the consumers and users (only if this form is submitted on paper)
  7. Date

The following table (Table 1) shows all VIP lounges operated by Aena, with location and contact details:

Table 1

A CoruñaVIP LoungeTerminal 1, Level 1, Boarding areaTel: 981 187 300
CibelesTerminal 1, level 2, Boarding area
Non-Schengen Area
Tel.: 913 932 053 / 913 245 112 (24 hours)
Fax: 91 393.62.06
Puerta de AlcaláTerminal 2, level 2, Boarding area
Schengen Area
Tel.: 913 937 154
Fax: 913 936 205
Adolfo Suárez Madrid - BarajasPuerta del SolTerminal 3, level 2, Boarding area
Schengen Area
Tel: 913 243 564
Fax: 91 324.35.65
NeptunoTerminal 4S, satelite building, Level 2
Non-Schengen area
Tfno.: 917 438 689 (24h)
Fax: 913 338 619
Plaza MayorTerminal 4, Level 1, Boarding area
Schengen Area
Tel.: 917 466 230
Fax: 913 338 321
Málaga - Costa del SolVIP LoungeTerminal 3, level 2, Boarding areaTel.: 952 048 854
FormentorModule D, Level 0, Boarding areaTel.: 971 787 694
Palma de MallorcaValldemossaLevel 2 Departures, in front of entrance Module BTel.: 971 789 631
MediterráneoModule C on Level -1Tel.: 971 787 471
LlevantModule A, Level 0, Boarding areaTel.: 971 789 631
Alicante - Elche Miguel HernándezCosta BlancaLevel 1, Boarding areaTel.: 966 919 149
BilbaoVIP LoungeMezzanine Level 2 of Departures, Boarding areaTel.: 944 869 836
ValenciaJoan OlivertLevel 1, Boarding areaTel.: 961 598 584
SevilleAzaharLevel 1, Boarding areaTel.Fax: 954 449 023
IbizaCap des FalcóLevel 1 Boarding areaTel.Fax: 971 809 200
Grand CanaryGaldósArea C, Level 2 DeparturesTel.: 928 579 094 / 928 579 095
César Manrique - LanzaroteGuacimetaTerminal 1 Level 2, Boarding areaTel.: 928 846 345
Tenerife SouthMontaña RojaLevel 1, upper level, DeparturesTel: 922 759 425
Fax: 922 759 195
Tenerife North - Ciudad de la LagunaNivariaMezzanine, DeparturesTel.: 922 635 048
FuerteventuraJableLevel 1. Departures.Tel: 928 862 975
Schengen Area
Tel: 93-297-14-98
Air Corridor
Tel: 93-259-64-29
Josep Tarradellas Barcelona - El PratJoan MiróT1
Non-Schengen Area
Tel: 93-259-64-28
Pau CasalsT1
Schengen Area
Tel: 93-259-64-30
Santiago - Rosalía de CastroVIP LoungeT1 Level 1 Air Side South DockTel: 981 547 777
MenorcaTramuntanaTerminal T1, Level 1. Boarding areaTel: 971 157 042
VigoIllas CíesLevel departuresTel: 986 268 269

To view the opening times of each lounge, go to:

3. The access.

Passengers may purchase specific accesses for any of the lounges in the above table. Passengers are required to check the terminal for their flight beforehand in order to choose the corresponding lounge. All the information corresponding to the lounge locations is available on Aena’s public website.

All the VIP lounges are located in a restricted area, so only passengers who have gone through the usual security checks performed by the airport will be able to access them.

You’ll need to show your sales code (ID code) together with one boarding pass per person at the desk at the entrance to the lounge. You must keep this code throughout your stay in the lounge and remain attentive to the screens with the boarding information, as Aena cannot be held liable for missed flights due to passengers failing to pay attention to the monitors.

Aena reserves the right of admission for reasons of capacity, without you losing your right to use the access at any time during the opening hours of the lounges until its expiry (six months after the date of purchase).

4. Others.

Aena reserves the right to demand the corresponding liabilities for improper use of the VIP Lounge access purchase system via the website or mobile app or failure to comply with the rules set out in these general terms and conditions.

Users shall be held solely liable in the event that their use of the service is deficient, partial or erroneous or in the event that someone operates in their name or on their behalf by using the procedures and their identification code.

Aena reserves the right to cancel the access codes of users who misuse the above in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Aena cannot accept any liability for any interruption, inaccessibility or failure of any other kind that may occur during the operation of the system as a result of those that may occur in any telecommunications services or other ancillary services required for the operation of the system which are unrelated to the entity. The parties submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid for any claims arising from these terms and conditions, unless a different jurisdiction is applicable by legal imperative.

B. Rules for the use of the lounges

Aena welcomes you and asks you to please take a few minutes to read these simple rules, which seek to make your stay as pleasant as possible for you and all our customers.

  • You must register your access to the VIP Lounge at the welcome desk. Your details are confidential, as a result of which you are asked to respect the spaces while they wait and keep a prudent distance from the customer in front of them. In the event that you are accompanied by someone, this person must also be duly identified and accredited.
  • Aena may limit the number of accompanying persons allowed in the lounge, depending on the capacity available.
  • During your stay in the Lounge, in order to maintain a peaceful atmosphere, please be discreet and conduct your conversations in a low and calm voice. Please keep the volume of your electronic devices as low as possible.
  • The maximum stay in any of our VIP lounges will be four (4) hours, immediately prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight indicated on the boarding pass of the user entering the lounge. In the event of any delays to flights, this period may be extended by the length of the relevant delay.
  • In the event that any customers decide to leave the Lounge during their stay, they are kindly requested to present their accreditation again upon re-entering it.
  • For reasons of hygiene, it is forbidden to walk barefoot in the lounge and to place your feet on the sofas and tables. Lying on the sofas is not permitted.
  • Pets are allowed in the lounge, but please remember that they must remain in their carrier for the duration of their stay, with the exception of guide dogs.
  • In order to maintain the facilities in perfect condition, customers are requested to be tidy, to use the lounge responsibly and to inform the lounge staff of any irregularities found in it.
  • If you are travelling with minors, please control their behaviour. Running, jumping, playing with a ball and shouting are not permitted. Under no circumstances may minors be unaccompanied in the Lounge.
  • Smoking is not permitted (this includes e-cigarettes and vapes).
  • Do not leave any personal items unattended. The VIP Lounge cannot be held liable for any theft, loss, breakage or any other damage to your items.
  • The consumables are exclusively for use in the Lounge and may not be taken out of the room. If you wish to consume alcohol, please ask our staff about the range of drinks available in the Lounge.
  • If you wish, ask at the welcome desk for a TV remote control, a mobile phone charger or one of the various kits that are available (shower, sewing, shoe-cleaning or feminine personal hygiene).
  • The VIP Lounge provides free Wi-Fi for its customers. To use this service, you’ll have to search for the Wi-Fi network on your device (the name of the lounge) and log in using your Aena Club Cliente account, email or social media.
  • Attention should always be paid to the boarding announcements and the flight information screens. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to ask at the welcome desk.
  • The VIP Lounge reserves the right to refuse admission to any passenger who does not abide by the rules or whose behaviour inconveniences other customers or leads to complaints.
  • The VIP Lounges are created in order to provide service for travellers. Therefore, only commercial travellers can access, as long as they show a valid travel document and once their payment is confirmed either at the desk or through the website or APP, are in a class that allows access to the VIP Lounge, or are holders of authorised programs or cards. Additionally, access will be allowed to non-confirmed boarding passes (Crew”, “extra Crew”, “stand by” or similar), as long as their holders have proof of payment at the Aena desk, website or App, or through the companies/airlines which do not expressly forbid it in their Terms and Conditions.
  • Aena reserves the right of admission for reasons of capacity, without customers of the Use Programme or Authorised Card losing their right to access the lounge at any time during the opening hours of the lounges until its expiry (six months after the date of purchase). In any case, priority access to the lounge shall be given to pregnant women.

A complaints and suggestions book is available to customers.