Términos y condiciones de Servicios de Asistencia - Meet & Assist

Terms and conditions of meet & assist service

Once the service has been acquired, the airport’s Meet & Assist service will contact the customer to arrange the date and time and the meeting point at the airport, depending on the terminal and the departure or arrival of the flight.

Following the purchase, the system will provide him/her with a purchase confirmation email containing a sales ID, a QR code and a file to download the e-ticket onto his/her mobile by means of the QR code. Aena’s contact details will also be included in case any additional information is required regarding the purchased Meet & Assist service

The user must arrive at the meeting point at the agreed time and identify himself/herself to our Meet & Assist staff. In the event of his/her failure to arrive without any prior notice, the passenger will lose the right to the provision of the service and that of a refund 15 minutes after the agreed time. In the event of a change in the time of the service due to a delay in the scheduled flight time, the user must give at least one hour’s notice.

Upon arrival he/she will display the QR code of the booking to our staff in order to make use of the service.

The purchase of a service for two or more users entails their joint use of the same service as a group.

In the event that the service has been booked for several users, all the users must be at the meeting point at the scheduled time. If any individual user fails to arrive within the 15 minutes following the scheduled time, he/she will lose the right to the service.

The service will end once the passenger has been accompanied to the previously agreed final destination at the airport (the boarding gate, arrivals lounge or VIP lounge).

The maximum time for the provision of the service will be three hours. This period may be extended in the event of a flight delay or unforeseen circumstances, provided that Meet & Assist staff are available.

The service includes assistance and accompaniment for the passenger during the check-in and luggage collection processes but does not extend to transferring any of the luggage, which will be carried by the passenger him/herself.

During the purchasing process the airport terminal for which the service is requested and the associated flight arrival(s) and/or departure(s) will be indicated so that the assistance can be planned and provided appropriately. The user can check this information in advance by contacting the airline or going to www.aena.es.

The Aena VIP lounge usage regulations available in the lounge itself or at www.aena.es will apply to use of the VIP lounge during the Meet & Assist service.

To ensure proper use of the service, all the users, as well as those travelling with minors in their care, must maintain the rules of co-existence and avoid inconveniencing any other passengers.

There will be a 25% surcharge on the cost of the service for unaccompanied minors under 18 years of age. It is compulsory to indicate which user/s is/are unaccompanied minors during the purchasing process to ensure the proper provision of the service.

Users must identify themselves correctly upon arrival at the relevant security checkpoints.

Each of the users’ details are confidential, as a result of which they are asked to respect the spaces while they wait and keep a prudent distance from the customer in front of them.

For use of the Fast Lane/Fast Track service, the Rules of Use for fast lane preferential access available in the lounge or at www.aena.es. will apply.

During the process of accessing the checkpoints, users are asked to follow the instructions of the security personnel and hand over any personal belongings that may be requested by said personnel or the State Security Forces for inspection.

Under no circumstances does use of this preferential access service at the checkpoint exempt users from complying with the security regulations, which apply equally to all the airport’s security checkpoints.

Use of the Meet & Assist service does not exempt passengers from their obligation to undergo the security checks in good time before the departure of their respective flights, as indicated in their transport contracts.

Smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes is not permitted throughout the airport under the current legislation.

A complaints and suggestions book is available to customers.